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Astronaut Feedback

Greg Chamitoff

"With regard to suggestions about the gravitational anomaly measurements we did, the main input I have is that it was an invaluable part of the entire field trip. Too much of our learning is passive, and this activity really got us completely involved in the science. In fact, I think this could be expanded to using other instruments (if you can think of any that would be similar to the types we would use on the Moon or Mars for various studies). Another random idea I had was to spend some time talking about how to find fossils. Where are the best places to look ? What geological features are a signature for a likely place to find fossils ? How do you best dig for them ? I think it would have been fine to spend half our time as we did, and the other half doing active geophysical work (planning, data collection, even data reduction). Your idea of turning part of this trip into a simulated exploration mission on the Moon or Mars is a great one, and it could be carried further."

Bill Oefelein

"I had a great time on the field trip and learned a lot. I particularly enjoyed working with the gravity meters in the field, collecting actual data and seeing how it reduced to the plots. I think you are going in the right direction by exploring the portable devices for use on the field trip. I look forward to working with you in the future."

Clay Anderson

"Be prepared to actually contribute to science. We were fortunate to be able to confirm and define a new major fault beginning in the Sangre De Cristo (Blood of Christ) mountains... appropriately named the "Penguino (Penguin) Fault"."

Nick Patrick

"It was the most interesting trip we've had so far."

"I really learned a lot from the field gravimetry assignment, and would have liked to try some more activities like this."

Tracy Caldwell

"I hope they do get a [field training] program like that underway soon. The time we spent with you and Bill, not only talking about Mars exploration but actually training for it, really motivated us all."


Bob Thirsk

"I think that the gravity survey on Thursday was a great experience."

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