Penguin Powered
A joint project between NASA/JSC & the NM Bureau of Geology

Participants in Field Exercises in Taos, 1999


A "volunteer" checking for sharks.
All penguin photos copyright Bill McIntosh or Nelia Dunbar and used with permission.


March 14-20, 1999 - Pre-Penguin practice geophysical surveys in Taos.

Results of Survey G1 & G2


 Dr. Paul Bauer
NMBGMR Senior Geologist & Assistant Director

Dr. Patricia Wood Dickerson,
Lockheed Martin, for Office of Earth Sciences, Johnson Space Center, NASA

Paul Drakos
Geohydrologist, Glorieta Geoscience Inc., Town of Taos consultant

Mic Heynekamp
NMBGMR Geological Lab Associate

Peggy Johnson
NMBGMR Hydrogeologist

Glen Jones
NMBGMR Computer Services Manager

Tony Lupo
NM Tech graduate student in Geophysics

Mark Mansell
NMBGMR GIS Specialist

Dave McCraw
NMBGMR GIS Cartographer

Dr. William Muehlberger
Emeritus Professor of Geology, Univ. of Texas, Austin

Adam Read
NMBGMR Geological Lab Associate

Joe Robb
Retired, resident of Taos

Dr. Harold Tobin
NM Tech, Assoc. Prof. of Geophysics, Earth & Environmental Sciences Dept.

Bill White
Water Rights Specialist, US Bureau of Indian Affairs


May 3-8, 1999 - Astronaut Candidate Penguin Flock 1 in Taos.

Results of Survey G3


Clayton C. Anderson

Gregory E. Chamitoff, Ph.D.

Stanley G. Love, Ph.D.

Nicholas J. M. Patrick, Ph.D.

Marcos Pontes, Brazilian Space Agency.

Hans Schlegel, European Space Agency

Bob Thirsk, Canadian Space Agency

Bjarni V. Tryggvason, Canadian Space Agency;


 June 14-18, 1999 - Astronaut Candidate Penguin Flock 2 in Taos.

Results of Survey G 4 & G5


Kenneth T. Ham (Lt. Cmdr., USN)

Alan G. Poindexter (Lt. Cmdr., USN)

Roberto Vittori, European Space Agency

Douglas H. Wheelock (Maj., USA)

Sunita L. Williams (Lt. Cmdr., USN)

Neil W. Woodward III (Lt., USN)

George D. Zamka (Maj., USMC)


 June 21-25, 1999 - Astronaut Candidate Penguin Flock 3 in Taos.

Results of Survey G6


Lee J. Archambault (Maj., USAF)

Timothy J. Creamer (Maj., USA)

Léopold Eyharts, European Space Agency

Christopher J. Ferguson (Lt. Cmdr., USN)

Michael J. Foreman (Cmdr., USN)

Gregory C. Johnson

Barbara R. Morgan

William A. Oefelein (Lt., USN)


 July 6-10, 1999 - Astronaut Candidate Penguin Flock 4 in Taos.

Results of Survey G7

Tracy E. Caldwell, Ph.D.

Michael E. Fossum

Patricia Hilliard Robertson, M.D.

Leland D. Melvin

Paolo Nespoli, European Space Agency

John D. (Danny) Olivas, Ph.D.

Garrett E. Reisman, Ph.D.

Steven R. Swanson


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