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Biographical Note: Patricia Wood Dickerson


Lockheed Martin, Office of Earth Sciences, NASA-Johnson Space Center

Pat Dickerson trains Space Shuttle and International Space Station crews in global tectonics and terrestrial analogues for planetary features. Those efforts include creation of electronic handbooks, as well as class and field instruction. In collaboration with New Mexico Bureau of Mines geologists and hydrogeo-logists, she co-developed a field geophysical training exercise to help prepare astronauts for exploration of Mars and Earth's Moon.

The emphasis of her geological research is on continental rifts and transforms, as well as on global patterns -- both temporal and geometric -- in tectonic geomorphology, volcanism, and sedimentation. Her comparative studies of the Rio Grande and East African rifts include geophysical and field structural analyses, as well as physical modeling. She has conducted field and other investigations in contractional orogens as well: Ouachita, Laramide (New Mexico into northern Mexico), the Argentine Precordillera, and the Norwegian Caledonides. Dickerson is a founding member of two IGCP geological task forces; she has edited seven volumes of peer-reviewed research and has published and lectured widely.

Publications/Presentations on New Mexico Geology

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