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Preliminary Survey, March 1999

In March of 1999, a preliminary shakedown crew collected gravity and seismic data as well as high-precision GPS position data for these stations in preparation for training exercises and to better constrain subsurface geology.

The Betsy Gun, an easily portable shotgun-shell seismic source is used during the seismic survey. Dr. Bill Muehlberger (dark blue shirt) and Mic Heynekamp lend their inertia to the gun. Assisting are Paul Drakos (left) and Bill White (right). The Taos Range is in the background. Pueblo Peak is the snow-covered peak on the right (aka Taos Mountain by locals or Bow Mountain by the Taos Pueblo) and Wheeler Peak, at 13,161 ft--the highest point in New Mexico, is mostly obscured by clouds (left of center).

Dr. Harold Tobin (seated) runs a seismic data logger assisted by Adam Read. The seismic survey stations are marked by survey flags on the left side of the photo. Geophones are strung out along the line.

Tony Lupo uses a gravimeter to measure minute variations in gravitational acceleration. Pueblo Peak (snow-capped) of the Taos Range is on the eastern horizon.
High precision GPS data collection by Peggy Johnson (on the smart end) and Dave McCraw. This Trimble equipment is capable of cm-scale x,y,z precision (after differential processing). Precise elevations of data points are critical for high-accuracy gravity investigations.


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