revised: 05-Feb-2015

NMBGMR Draft Geologic Data Model - v. 1.0.4
POINTS: Geologic Features

In the interests of standardization and interoperability, we are migrating our geologic maps into the USGS NCGMP09 data model. However, our well data model is still actively being used. Documentation for the NMBGMR geology data model is being provided for users with legacy data in this model. We also hope that it will provoke discussion in the ongoing effort to improve NCGMP09 and other models.

Feature Class: Feature_point

This feature class represents point locations of distinct physical or geologic features of interest that are neither linear or planar such as fumaroles, fossil localities, volcanic vents, springs and the like or locations of key outcrops/good exposures. Extensive datasets collected regarding these features should be linked to this table via Feature_ID.

Field Name Field Alias Length
(text fields)
Field Type Field Value Default Allow Nulls? Attributes / Examples Description / Notes
FGDC_code " 16 String variable [null] TRUE 30.3.12 FGDC geologic symbol reference number.
Feature_ID " 50 String variable [null] TRUE outcrop name, landmark name, spring name, vent name, etc. Feature ID; should be separate from Station ID, i.e. if data is collected from a feature, that station data should go into Fabric_point or Data_point
LargerFtr LargerFeature 50 String variable [null] TRUE Jemez Lineament, Xs, Pa Larger feature composed of this feature.
FeatrClass FeatureClass 50 String CVD [null] FALSE landmark, spring, etc.
see: FeaturePointClass
Class of feature.
FeatrType FeatureType 50 String variable [null] TRUE vent, pedernal chert, spring mound, autobreccia, cliff, etc Type of feature of specified class.
FeatSubTyp FeatureSubType 50 String variable [null] TRUE as needed Subtype of feature of specified type.
LocAccType LocAccuracyType 50 String variable [null] TRUE precision gps, handheld gps, good topo, poor topo, planimetric, survey, map and compass, triangulation, distinctive feature Accuracy of position.
LocAccMeas LocAccuracyMeasure 16 String variable [null] TRUE EPE(m), PDOP Criteria for deterimining accuracy of position.
LocAccVal LocAccuracyValue   Single variable [null] TRUE 15 Numeric measurement of locataion accuracy
RotaAngle RotationAngle   Short Integer variable [null] TRUE 45, 278 Symbol rotation angle
DsplyScale DisplayScale   Long Integer CVD 24000 TRUE see: DisplayScale Denominator of display scale: display feature at scales larger than number specified (=< denominator). Zero indicates data that should never be displayed.
SourceID " 128 String variable [null] TRUE "Smith, 1999a" Feature level metadata (who mapped this)
Comments " 255 String variable [null] TRUE description Comments about this particular feature.