revised: 05-Feb-2015

NMBGMR Draft Geologic Data Model - v. 1.0.4
JOINED & RELATED TABLES: Bibliographic Data

In the interests of standardization and interoperability, we are migrating our geologic maps into the USGS NCGMP09 data model. However, our well data model is still actively being used. Documentation for the NMBGMR geology data model is being provided for users with legacy data in this model. We also hope that it will provoke discussion in the ongoing effort to improve NCGMP09 and other models.

Table Name: Sources

This table records bibliographic data cited by the SourceID field in various other feature classes.

Field Name Field Alias Length
(text fields)
Field Type Field Value Default Allow Nulls? Attributes / Examples Description / Notes
SourceID " 128 String variable unspecified TRUE McIntosh et. al., 2003b basis of relate from SourceID from other tables and feature classes
FirstAuth FirstAuthor 128 String variable [null] TRUE McIntosh W.C. First Author
OtherAuth OtherAuthors 255 String variable [null] TRUE Peters, L., Koning, D.J. Other Authors (semicolon delimited)
Title " 255 String variable [null] TRUE Title of work Reference title
SecTitle SecondaryTitle 255 String variable [null] TRUE Secondary title  
PubYear PublicationYear   ShortInteger variable [null] TRUE year of publication Publication year
RevDate RevisionDate   date variable [null] TRUE date of latest revision Revision date
Editor "   Short Integer boolean 0 (no) FALSE 1=yes/TRUE, 0=no/FALSE Is 'FirstAuthor' an editor?
Compiler "   Short Integer boolean 0 (no) FALSE 1=yes/TRUE, 0=no/FALSE Is 'FirstAuthor' a compiler?
Thesis "   Short Integer boolean 0 (no) FALSE 1=yes/TRUE, 0=no/FALSE Is this a Thesis?
Dissertation "   Short Integer boolean 0 (no) FALSE 1=yes/TRUE, 0=no/FALSE Is this a Dissertation?
DocType " 50 String variable [null] TRUE new work, Map, Serial, Book, Thesis / Dissertation, Report, other Document type
Format " 50 String variable [null] TRUE paper map, GIS-data, digital-format, journal-article, other Formt reference was originally released in.
Publisher " 128 String variable [null] TRUE NMBGMR, USGS, Elsevier, Geological Socienty of America, etc. Publisher
Journal " 255 String variable [null] TRUE Geology, Journarl of Geophysical Research, etc. Journal Name
Series " 128 String variable [null] TRUE GM, OFGM, Misc. Investigations, OFR, Geology, GSA Bulletin, Series
Volume "   ShortInteger variable [null] TRUE 22 Volume number
SubVolume " 8 String variable [null] TRUE [null], a,b,c, III, etc Vub-volume number
Issue "   ShortInteger variable [null] TRUE 2 Issue number
PageNo PageNumber 24 String variable [null] TRUE 345
number of pages or page range
Version   16 String variable [null] TRUE 1.0.1
version identifier
Scale "   Integer variable [null] TRUE 24000 Denominator of absolute scale of map reference.
ISBN " 16 String variable [null] TRUE   ISBN number (books)
ISSN " 16 String variable [null] TRUE   ISSN number (periodicals)
DOI " 128 String variable [null] TRUE URL of DOI DOI (Digital Object Identifier)
ResValue ResolutionValue   Single variable [null] TRUE 15 (for raster data) Raster resolution value
ResUnits ResolutionUnits 16 String variable [null] TRUE e.g. meter, cm, foot(for raster data) Raster resolution units
Media " 24 String variable [null] TRUE film, mylar, paper, field sheet, scribe sheet, paper map, GIS-data, digital-format, other Media reference is stored on
LargerWork " 255 String variable [null] TRUE reference ID of larger work Larger work the referece may be part of
SourceURL " 255 String variable [null] TRUE link to source document (internet or intranet) Hotlink URL to external resource.
Conversion " 255 String variable [null] TRUE  

Description of steps taken to digitally capture or convert this data.

Comments " 255 String variable [null] TRUE   Comments about this particular reference.