revised: 05-Feb-2015

NMBGMR Draft Geologic Data Model - v. 1.0.4
Cross Sections: ExTende Attributes

In the interests of standardization and interoperability, we are migrating our geologic maps into the USGS NCGMP09 data model. However, our well data model is still actively being used. Documentation for the NMBGMR geology data model is being provided for users with legacy data in this model. We also hope that it will provoke discussion in the ongoing effort to improve NCGMP09 and other models.

Extended Attributes

Addtional attributes for any feature class can be extended by using a generic table structure and either a one-to-many relationship class or standard database join. Rather than have one extended attributes table that is used by all feature classes, each feature class that requires extended attributes will have a dedicated table named appropriately, e.g. Fault_point would link to a table named Flt_pt_EA.

Field Name Field Alias Length
(text fields)
Field Type Field Value Default Allow Nulls? Attributes / Examples Description / Notes
OBJECTID "   OID       Automatically generated/maintained. Basis of relationship or join.
Property " 10 String variable undefined FALSE permeability Extended attribute property identifier.
PropUnits PropertyUnits 50 String variable [null] TRUE cm^3/s units used for numeric data
PropVal PropertyValue   Double variable [null] TRUE 2.34 numeric value of property.
TextValue " 255 String variable [null] TRUE low text data
PropConfid PropertyConfidence 16 String CVD
certain TRUE unspecified, certain, probable, uncertain

confidence regarding feature level ID

PropSrcID PropertySourceID 128 String variable [null]   unknown; unspecified; Smith, 2006b [variable] Feature level metadata (who measured this); related to bibliographic detail
PropDesc PropertyDescription 255 String variable [null] TRUE air permeameter Description or comments about extended attribute.