revised: 05-Feb-2015

NMBGMR Draft Geologic Data Model - v. 1.0.4
POLYGONS: Landforms

In the interests of standardization and interoperability, we are migrating our geologic maps into the USGS NCGMP09 data model. However, our well data model is still actively being used. Documentation for the NMBGMR geology data model is being provided for users with legacy data in this model. We also hope that it will provoke discussion in the ongoing effort to improve NCGMP09 and other models.

Feature Class: Landform_poly

This feature class is used to portray suface landforms that occupy sufficienct area to be mapped. This feature class excludes geomorphic surfaces that are handled by Surface_poly. Landform features that are too small to map as polygons can be recorded in Feature_point or Feature_line. Unless a need arises, boundaries of these polygons will not be stored as a separate feature class. Line symbology for features like sinkholes can be applied to the polygon boundaries as needed.

Field Name Field Alias Length
(text fields)
Field Type Field Value Default Allow Nulls? Attributes / Examples Description / Notes
FGDC_code " 16 String variable [null] TRUE 30.3.12 FGDC geologic symbol reference number.
FeatureID " 50 String variable [null] TRUE Moraine-1 basis of possible relate to Feature_point or Feature_line
Name " 50 String variable [null] TRUE White Sands  
LndfmClass LandformClass 50 String variable [null] TRUE erosional, constructional  
LndfmMorph LandformMorphology 50 String CVD [null] TRUE moraine, dune, rock glacier, playa, sinkhole, etc.  
Confidence " 16 String CVD [null] TRUE unspecified, certain, probable, uncertain

confidence regarding feature level ID

Age " 128 String variable [null] TRUE e.g. Pliocene  
AgeBasis " 255 String CVD [null] TRUE soils, geochron, etc  
IsoDateID IsotopicDateID 50 String variable [null] TRUE sample info/link to best date data links to Geochron data
SourceID " 128 String variable [null]   unknown; unspecified; Smith, 2006b [variable] Feature level metadata (who mapped this); related to bibliographic detail
Descriptn Description 255 String variable [null] TRUE Landform description Description of this particular landform.