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Field Guides

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Award winning guidebook

We offer a number of publications that can help understand the geology around you while you explore New Mexico. You also might want to bring along a copy of our Geologic Highway Map of New Mexico for all your geologic adventures.

Scenic Trips in to the Geologic Past
A series of guidebooks to various geologically interesting regions in and around New Mexico.
Decision Makers Field Guides
Field guides prepared to educate decision makers about topical issues in New Mexico.
Public Lands
Geologic field guides about public lands in New Mexico.
Mines, Minerals, and Gold Brochures
These are free downloads providing information on mineral collection, gold panning, and mines and mills in New Mexico
New Mexico Geological Society Publications
Fall Field Conference Guidebooks, Special Publications, and the Geologic Highway Map of New Mexico (produced in cooperation with the bureau).
Classic Upper Paleozoic Reefs and Bioherms of West Texas and New Mexico
By Peter A. Scholle, Robert H. Goldstein, and Dana S. Ulmer-Scholle, 2007
Chaco Canyon Country — A Field Guide to the Geomorphology, Quaternary Geology, Paleoecology, and Environmental Geology of Northwestern New Mexico
Stephen G. Wells, David W. Love, Thomas W. Gardner, [eds.], 1983

Miscellaneous Other Guidebooks

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