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Volume: 37, 2015

Volume 37, Number 3

Number: 3

Full-Issue (15.0 MB PDF)
  1. Cover: Carbonatite dike, Lemitar Mountains, Socorro County, New Mexico (14.7 MB PDF), pp. 57-58.
    Virginia T McLmore
  2. Gallery of Geology: Bastnaisite (862 KB PDF), pp. 69-69.
    V. T. McLemore
  3. William Richard Dickinson (1931-2015) A Personal Farewell (4.78 MB PDF), pp. 70-74.
    T. F. Lawton
Volume 37, Number 2

Number: 2

Full-Issue (2.86 MB PDF)
Volume 37, Number 1

Number: 1

Full-Issue (3.58 MB PDF)
  1. Cover: Snowy River Passage in Ft. Stanton Cave, Lincoln County, NM (612 KB PDF), pp. 1-2.
    Kenneth Ingham
  2. Phytoliths (plant-derived mineral bodies) as geobiological and climatic indicators in arid environments (2.52 MB PDF), pp. 3-20. [View Abstract]
    K. Daisy Morgan-Edel, Penelope J. Boston, Michael N. Spilde, and Robert E. Reynolds

Volume: 36, 2014

Volume 36, Number 4
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Number: 4

  1. Hydrogeology of eastern Union County, northeast New Mexico (3.36 MB PDF), pp. 64-81.
    Geoffrey C. Rawling
Volume 36, Number 3
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Number: 3

  1. Description, classification, and geologic context of a Lower Pleistocene primitive mammoth jaw from Matanza Arroyo near Socorro, New Mexico (5.39 MB PDF), pp. 47-59.
    Spencer G. Lucas, Gary Morgan, David W. Love, Craig Bejnar, Brad Sion, Nelia Dunbar, and Richard Chamberlin
Volume 36, Number 2
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Number: 2

  1. Gallery of Geology - Pennsylvanian paleosol in Sierra County, New Mexico, pp. 40-41.
    Spencer G. Lucas and Karl Krainer — [only available in print]
  2. In Memoriam - Frank Titus 1928-2013, p. 42.
    Bruce Thomson — [only available in print]
Volume 36, Number 1
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Number: 1

  1. The Pennsylvanian section at Cedro Peak: A local Pennsylvanian reference section in the Manzanita Mountains, central New Mexico (USA) (2.57 MB PDF), pp. 3-24.
    Spencer G. Lucas, Karl Krainer, Bruce D. Allen, and Daniel Vachard
  2. Gallery of Geology - Pennsylvanian paleosol in Sierra County, New Mexico, pp. 25-26.
    Spencer G. Lucas — [only available in print]

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