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Recent Issues:


Issue: 40 3.83 MB

Issue: 40

Free Download 3.83 MB

Dikes and Sills, pp. 2-3
V. Lueth
Igneous Dikes of New Mexico, pp. 3-4
M. Zimmerer
Roadside Dikes of New Mexico: A Photo Gallery, pp. 5-8
K. McNamara
Hey! Not All Intrusions are Igneous!, pp. 9-10
K. McNamara
New Mexico's Most Wanted Mineral, pp. 11-11
V. Lueth
New Mexico's Enchanting Geology, pp. 12-12
M. Wilks
Earth Science Movie Review: Dantes Peak (1997), pp. 13-14
A. Jochems
Class Room Activity: Exploring Intrusive Dikes Using a Gelatin Model, pp. 15-15
S. Welch, K. McNamara, and M. Zimmerer
Data Repository: 20160003
Through the Hand Lens: Profile of a New Mexico Science Teacher, pp. 16-18
S. Welch and G. Llanes
Data Repository: 20160004
Issue: 39 6.04 MB

Issue: 39

Free Download 6.04 MB

The Muds of New Mexico, pp. 2-3
D. Koning and S. Lucas
Mud-amorphosis: The Metamorphic Journey of Mud, pp. 4-4
M. Zimmerer
New Mexico Mud in a Potter's Hands: a Photo Essay, pp. 5-8
D. Love and S. Goewey
Mud Photo Gallery, pp. 9-10
D. Love
New Mexico Enchanting Geology: Clayton Lake State Park, pp. 12-12
S. Timmons
Earth Science Technology Review: Augmented Reality Sandbox (SARndbox), pp. 13-14
A. Jochems
Classroom Activity: Geology Applications in the Augmented Reality Topographic Sandbox, pp. 14-16
S. Welch and A. Jochems
Through the Hand Lens: Profile of a New Mexico Science Teacher, pp. 17-18
S. Welch and J. Sauer


Issue: 38 2.48 MB

Issue: 38

Free Download 2.48 MB

The Volcano Dating Game, pp. 3-3
M. Zimmerer
Scrambling My Way Through the Earth's Past, pp. 4-4
D. Koning
Surviving the Desert, pp. 5-6
Ethan Mamer
New Mexico's Most Wanted Mineral -- Mineral Museum's GRAND OPENING, pp. 7-7
Virgil Lueth
New Mexico's Enchanting Geology: El Morro National Monument, pp. 8-8
S. Timmons
Through the Hand Lens: Profile of a New Mexico Earth Science Teacher, pp. 9-9
S. Welch
Classroom Activity The Great New Mexico ShakeOut!, pp. 10
S. Welch
Short Items of Interest for Everyone -- Earth Science Movie Review: San Andreas, Rockin' Around NM 2015, and more, pp. 11???13
Jochems, A., Welch, S.