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Scientific Illustrator

Socorro, NM

The Scientific Illustrator produces digital geologic maps, cartographic illustrations, scientific figures, and graphics to the highest level of Bureau standards for use in internal and public-facing New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources publications.

This is achieved through the creation and refinement of scientific graphics in collaboration with Bureau scientists, staff, and external contributors. The variety of graphics include full-color maps, 3D illustrations, charts, pipers, cross sections, stratigraphic columns, block diagrams, and tables primarily utilizing ArcGIS and Adobe Illustrator. Additional graphics are produced for slides, posters, displays, and presentations to support Bureau research, promotional, and administrative initiatives.

The prospective candidate must have a content-integrity mindset, a command of the end-to-end process of producing maps and graphics, a thorough understanding of how graphics work with content, strong asset management skills, confidence in cultivating positive working relationships with diverse research and production teams, and an arsenal of top-notch project management, time management and organizational skills.

To flourish in this position, the Scientific Illustrator must be able to translate complex scientific data into clear and precise visuals for use in digital and print formats, command exceptional proficiency of Adobe Creative Suite programs along with the interest and ability to learn other industry-appropriate software programs, value superior attention to detail, and possess sharp design instincts to ensure the accuracy, consistency, readability, and accessibility of scientific graphics across all of the Bureau's electronic and print publication formats. A self-motivated, curious, and collaborative individual will be a good fit for this team.

We recognize that no single candidate will possess all the desired qualifications. We're looking for someone with an eagerness and ability to jump right in, build on their existing skill sets, and contribute to the success of this integral Bureau program. Training will be provided where expertise gaps exist; applicants with deeper experience are strongly encouraged to apply.

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