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Isochron/West was published at irregular intervals from 1971 to 1996. The journal was patterned after the journal Radiocarbon and covered isotopic age-dating (except carbon-14) on rocks and minerals from the Western Hemisphere. Initially, the geographic scope of papers was restricted to the western half of the United States, but was later expanded. The journal was sponsored and staffed by the New Mexico Bureau of Mines (now Geology) & Mineral Resources and the Nevada Bureau of Mines & Geology.

Papers from all back-issues are accessible for free in PDF format.

Should you wish to publish a geoscience paper of regional interest on any topic please consider our journal New Mexico Geology.


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Last Issue:

Issue: 63, 1996

  1. Potassium-Argon ages of Boring lava, northwest Oregon and southwest Washington (1.62 MB PDF), pp. 3-9.
    — R.M. Conrey, K. Uto, M.H. Uchiumi, I.P. Madin, T.L. Tolan, and D.A. Swanson
  1. Potassium-Argon ages from Mount Hood area of Cascade Range, northern Oregon (2.56 MB PDF), pp. 10-20.
    — R.M. Conrey, D.R. Sherrod, K. Uto, and S. Uchiumi
  1. Potassium-Argon ages from the northern Oregon Cascade Range (2.53 MB PDF), pp. 21-28.
    — L.B. Gray, D.R. Sherrod, and R.M. Conrey
  1. Isochron/West, A Bulletin of Isotopic Geochronology, pp. 1-29.
    — John H. Schilling, Rayetta Buckley, and Carol A. Hjellming, [eds.]