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Aquifer Mapping Program (AMP)

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Hydrogeologic Studies

The Aquifer Mapping Program officially began in 2007 with broad goals to map and characterize New Mexico’s aquifers, providing information on hydrogeology, depth to water, groundwater flow directions, recharge processes, water quality characteristics, as well as water quantity estimation. This work is accomplished by compilation of numerous existing data resources, as well as collection of new data, such as geologic mapping, geophysical surveys, water chemistry sampling and measurement and tracking of groundwater level changes.

The Aquifer Mapping Program, through philanthropic support from Healy Foundation starting in 2016, also launched the Healy Collaborative Groundwater-level Monitoring Network. This network provides critical, baseline information on groundwater trends through collaborative data collection and regular depth to water measurements across the state.

Aquifer mapping projects are funded through a combination of sources:

  • The base budget of the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
  • Occasional direct appropriations from the State Legislature
  • Philanthropic grants and donations
  • Grants and work contracts with collaborating state, federal or local agencies/organizations

View our Aquifer Mapping Program Brochure for more information on current projects.

Contact Us

Laila SturgisAquifer Mapping Program Manager, (575) 835-5327

Pecos Slope 3D geologic model
3D geologic model of the Pecos Slope in southeast NM. View our story map for more details.