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Special Publications

book cover
book cover
SP-13 - Energy and Mineral Resources of New Mexico: Boxed Set (click for details)

Special Publications are books that are generally broad in scope that are published independently of the Annual Fall Field Conference Guidebooks.

We have entered into a formal agreement with the New Mexico Geological Society to distribute their publications from our offices and website. You may also purchase a complete set of all NMGS publications at a significant discount.

Some publications, including those that are out-of-print, are only available for purchase on CD or DVD-ROM CD icon.

Stock# Title Price / Details
SP-1 cover Bibliography and Index of the New Mexico Geological Society Guidebooks, 1950-63, S. R. Ash, compiler, 1964, 31 pages, NMGS. $3.00Buy Now
SP-2 cover History of the New Mexico Geological Society, 1947-1968, S. A. Northrop, 1969, 78 pages, NMGS. $2.00Buy Now
SP-3 cover The San Andres Limestone: A Reservoir for Oil and Water, Kottlowski, F. E.; Summers, W. K.; [eds.], 1969, 51 pages, NMGS. $10.00Buy Now
SP-4 cover Subsurface Geology of East-central New Mexico, Foster, R. W.; Frentress, R. M.; Riese, W. C., 1972, 22 pages, NMGS. $3.00Buy Now
SP-5 cover Cenozoic Volcanism in Southwestern New Mexico, Elston, W. E.; Northrop, S. A.; [eds.], 1976, 151 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
SP-6 cover Tectonics and Mineral Resources of Southwestern North America, Woodward, L. A.; Northrop, S. A.; [eds.], 1976, 218 pages, NMGS. $7.50Buy Now
SP-7 cover Field Guide to Selected Cauldrons and Mining Districts of the Datil-Mogollon Volcanic Field, New Mexico, Chapin, C. E.; Elston, W. E.; James, H. L.; [eds.], 1978, 149 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
SP-8 cover Archaeology and History of Santa Fe Country, Ingersol, R. V.; Callender, J. F.; [eds.], 1979, 19 pages, NMGS. $2.00Buy Now
SP-9 cover Ash-Flow Tuffs (Reprinted from USGS Professional Papers 366 and 354-F), Callender, J. F.; [ed.], 1980, 104 pages, NMGS. $7.50Buy Now
SP-10 cover Environmental Geology and Hydrology in New Mexico, Wells, S. G.; Lambert, W.; Callender, J. F.; [eds.], 1981, 152 pages, NMGS. $4.50Buy Now
SP-11 cover The Geology of New Mexico - A Geologic History, Mack, Greg H.; Giles, Katherine A.; [eds.], 2004, 474 pages, NMGS, ISBN: 9781585460106, [Hardcover]. $45.00Buy Now
SP-12 cover A Brief History of Geological Studies in New Mexico With Biographical Profiles of Notable New Mexico Geologists, Kues, Barry S.; Lewis, Claudia J.; Lueth, Virgil W.; [eds.], 2014, 234 pages, NMGS, ISBN: 9781585460113. $50.00Buy Now
SP-13 cover Energy and Mineral Resources of New Mexico: Boxed Set, volumes, see individual, 2017, 564 pages, ISBN: 978-1-883905-43-9. (Boxed set, Volumes A-F) $125.00Buy Now
SP-14 cover The Geology of the Mount Taylor Area, Bonnie A Frey, Shari E. Kelley, Kate E. Zeigler, Virginia T. McLemore, Fraser Goff, and Dana S. Ulmer-Scholle, 2020, 191 pages, NMGS, ISBN: 1-58546-012-5, [CD/DVD-ROM on demand]. (This book was superseded by the guidebook for the 2021* NMGS Fall Field Conference, held in spring of 2022.) $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
SP-15 cover A History of the Geology Program at New Mexico State University: 1890 to 2015, Thomas H. Giordano, 2022, 45 pages, NMGS, ISBN: 1-58546-114-8, [Printed on demand]. $20.00Buy Now