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Water-related Publications:
Groundwater Reports, Hydrologic Reports, & Hydrogeologic Sheets

These publications are related to water, water resources, and hydrogeology. The Groundwater Reports series was discontinued and was superseded by the Hydrologic Reports series. Hydrogeologic Sheets are essentially geologic maps of relatively small areas with a hydrogeologic focus and include data on groundwater elevation and chemistry.

Of course, a large number of our publications not listed here — like geologic maps, open-file reports, and several of our technical monographs — relate directly or indirectly to water resources as well. We also have two Decision Makers Field Guides that focused on water resource issues that are written for a non-technical audience. See our Aquifer Mapping Program page for the results of more current water-related work.

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Some publications, including those that are out-of-print, are only available for purchase on CD or DVD-ROM CD icon.

Stock# Title Price / Details
GW-1 Geology and ground-water resources of the eastern part of Colfax County, New Mexico, Griggs, R. L., 1948, 180 pages. $12.00Buy Now
GW-2 Geology and ground-water resources of San Miguel County, New Mexico, Griggs, R. L.; Hendrickson, G. E., 1951, 121 pages, (Reprinted 1985). $10.00Buy Now
GW-3 Geology and ground-water resources of Eddy County, New Mexico, Hendrickson, G. E.; Jones, R. S., 1952, 169 pages, (Reprinted 1985). $13.75Buy Now
GW-4 Geology and ground-water resources of north-eastern Socorro County, New Mexico, Spiegel, Z., 1955, 99 pages. $8.00Buy Now
GW-5 Geology and ground-water resources of Torrance County, New Mexico, Smith, R. E., 1957, 186 pages. $12.00Buy Now
GW-6 Geology and ground-water conditions in southern Lea County, New Mexico, Nicholson, A., Jr.; Clebsch, A., Jr., 1961, 123 pages. $10.00Buy Now
GW-7 Geology and ground-water conditions in eastern Valencia County, New Mexico, Titus, F. B., Jr., 1963, 113 pages. $10.00Buy Now
GW-8 General occurrence and quality of ground water in Union County, New Mexico, Cooper, J. B.; Davis, L.V., 1967, 168 pages. $10.00Buy Now
GW-9 Geology and ground-water resources and geology of Quay County, New Mexico, Berkstresser, C. F., Jr.; Mourant, W. A., 1966, 115 pages. $10.00Buy Now
Limited availability!
GW-10 Reconnaissance of water resources of De Baca County, New Mexico, Mourant, W. A.; Shomaker, J. W., 1970, 87 pages. $10.00Buy Now
HR-1 Geology and ground-water resources of central and western Dona Ana County, New Mexico, King, W. E.; Hawley, J. W.; Taylor, A. M.; Wilson, R. P., 1971, 64 pages.
[Out-of-print, available on disc]
$10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
HR-2 Water resources and general geology of Grant County, New Mexico, Trauger, Frederick D., 1972, 211 pages.
[Out-of-print, available on disc]
$10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
HR-3 Water resources of Guadalupe County, New Mexico, Dinwiddie, G. A.; Clebsch, A., Jr., 1973, 43 pages. $9.00Buy Now
HR-4 Catalog of thermal waters in New Mexico, Summers, W. K., 1976, 79 pages. $12.50Buy Now
HR-5 Ground water in the Sandia and northern Manzano Mountains, New Mexico, Titus, F. B., Jr., 1980, 66 pages. $12.00Buy Now
HR-6 Hydrogeology and water resources of San Juan Basin, New Mexico, Stone, W. J.; Lyford, F. P.; Frenzel, P. F.; Mizell, N.H.; Padgett, E. T., 1983, 70 pages. $23.00Buy Now
HR-7 Selected papers on water quality and pollution in New Mexico, compiled by Stone, W. J., 1984, 300 pages. $12.50Buy Now
HS-1 Hydrogeology of Aztec quadrangle, San Juan County, Brown, D. R.; Stone, W.J., 1979, Scale 1:62,500. $6.00Buy Now
HS-2 Hydrogeology of Ambrosia Lake-San Mateo area, McKinley and Cibola Counties, New Mexico, Brod, R. C.; Stone, W. J., 1981, Scale 1:62,500. $6.00Buy Now
HS-4 Hydrogeology of Arroyo Chico-Torreon Wash area, McKinley and Sandoval Counties, New Mexico, Craigg, S. D.; Stone, W. J., 1983, Scale 1:62,500. $6.00Buy Now
IS-1 cover Our Water Resources: An overview for New Mexicans, Stone, W. J., 2001, 38 pages, ISBN: 9781883905071. (This publication is now somewhat dated but still provides much useful information. It is available for free from our bookstores.) $5.00Buy Now