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Electron Microprobe Laboratory
Research Projects

The Cameca SX-100 at New Mexico Tech is used for a wide range of research projects, mostly in the areas of geology and material science. Within the geological realm, research projects include:

  • Antarctic, New Mexico, and Kamchatka tephrochronology
  • Assessment of volcanic, plutonic and metamorphic samples for Ar-40/Ar-39 analysis
  • Petrological characterization of a wide range of volcanic, plutonic, and metamorphic rocks
  • Microprobe monazite geochronology
  • Analysis of K-metasomatized rocks
  • Characterization of ore metals and mine dump material
  • Studies of melt and fluid inclusions
  • Secondary electron studies of aquifer, oil reservoir, and fault zone porosity
  • Characterization of fine-grained fault rocks
  • Assessment of fault-zone diagenesis
  • Secondary electron studies of windblown loess characteristics.
  • Assessment of apatites for fission track analysis
  • Identification of "mystery minerals"
  • Mapping and Quantitative analysis of anorthoclase feldspar from Mt. Erebus, Antarctica

We also work on a wide range of other projects, including a range of material science research; analysis of pottery glaze composition; coins from shipwrecks; industrial cement; and screens from oil filters.