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Bureau of Geology News

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Climate Report highlighted by El Defensor Chieftain article Socorro, NM
January 31, 2023

A story in the Jan. 19, 2023, El Defensor Chieftain about water legislation pending during the 2023 legislative session cites a recent presentation by New Mexico State Geologist Dr. Nelia Dunbar. Dr. Dunbar's presentation detailed findings from the report, “Climate Change in New Mexico Over the Next 50 Years: Impacts on Water Resources.”

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Dennis McQuillan recieves the Earth Science Achievement Award Roundhouse, Santa Fe, NM
January 23, 2023

A public servant who advanced the role of earth science in public policy was recognized at the New Mexico State Capitol Jan. 23. The New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources, in cooperation with the state Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department, presented the Earth Science Achievement Award for 2023 to Dennis McQuillan during a noon ceremony in the Roundhouse Rotunda in conjunction with Earth Science/New Mexico Tech Day. NMT academic and research divisions and earth science-focused state, federal, and private sector groups staffed tables and the public was invited to visit the Roundhouse and attend the awards ceremony.

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Dan Koning earns top mapping award
January 17, 2023

Senior Field Geologist Dan Koning received the nation’s premiere geologic mapping award at the Geological Society of America’s 2022 annual meeting in Denver. The Florence Bascom Geologic Mapping Award acknowledges contributions in published, high-quality, geologic maps that led the recipient to publish significant new scientific or economic-resource discoveries and to contribute greater understanding of fundamental geologic processes and concepts.

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In memoriam — Charles Stephen Haase (1951-2022)
December 5, 2022

Charles Stephen (Steve) Haase, Ph.D., of Jonesborough, TN passed away on November 15, 2022. Steve was born on September 20, 1951 in Duluth, Minnesota. His bachelor’s and master’s degrees in geology were received, respectively, from Carleton College and Brown University in 1973 and 1975. After receiving a Ph.D. degree in geology at Indiana University in 1979, he continued post-doctorate studies in geochemistry at Yale University.

Steve started his professional career in 1980 at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) as a research scientist; and most of the large body of his peer-reviewed publications relates to geohydrologic investigation he initiated in the ORNL Y-12 Plant area (See:

In 1991, Steve joined the staff of the NM Bureau of Mines & Mineral Resources, a research division of NM Tech, where he was co-leader of a multi-institutional hydrogeologic investigation in the northern Albuquerque Basin. During the next 2 years, he made a number of seminal contributions to our present understanding of the hydrogeology and hydrochemistry of that area (see references below). His geohydrologic research in New Mexico continued through the mid-1990s, when he was Director of Environmental Services at the Albuquerque office of GRAM, Inc.

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Matt Zimmerer
New paper published on the timing of small-volume eruptions and related volcanic hazards at Valles caldera
November 15, 2022

A recently published paper by former Kottlowski Fellow Morgan Nasholds (now at the USGS) and bureau geologist Matt Zimmerer discusses new insight into the eruptive history of Valles caldera, New Mexico’s supervolcano.

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Geoffrey Rawling
New paper on water-level trends in the Mimbres Basin by bureau geologist Geoffrey Rawling
October 10, 2022

A new paper authored by bureau geologist Geoffrey Rawling calculates and interprets water-level changes in the Mimbres Basin over the past 40 years using the mathematical method of spatio-temporal kriging.

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Stacy Timmons interviewed for "Searchlight New Mexico" article
January 13, 2022

Stacy Timmons, associate director for hydrogeology at the Bureau, weighs in on the importance of groundwater monitoring and water data. Click on the headline or photo to access the full article.