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Technical Monograph Series


These monographs are lengthy, comprehensive, terminal reports of wide scientific interest and lasting importance, generally reflecting a lifetime of research and achievement on a single broad topic. They may include anthologies of works by many authors. Like all of our technical publications, future memoirs may be available in either printed or electronic format.


The most popular of our technical series, our bulletins include the results and interpretations of significant new research but typically on narrowly focused topics, including the geology of individual quadrangles (often accompanying maps in our GM series), as well as anthologies of articles on a single theme. All volumes are available in electronic format as free downloads (or if you prefer, on CD/DVD ROM for $10). Many are also available in print. Future bulletins may be printed or electronic or both, depending upon topic, audience, cost of production, etc.


Circulars are the most limited in scope of our technical publications and are generally less than 100 printed pages in length. They are the best venue for publishing the results of recent time-sensitive research, for publishing data or other reference material, or for publishing information quickly for the benefit of the reader. Because of the nature of the content, some older circulars are no longer relevant or have been superseded by later publications (as noted). Many of the earliest circulars are out-of-print, but all available as free downloads. Circulars that are still in print are available at a nominal cost of generally $10 or less.

We are actively seeking manuscripts for our technical monographs.