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Monographs: Recent Bulletins


The most popular of our technical series, our bulletins include the results and interpretations of significant new research but typically on narrowly focused topics, including the geology of individual quadrangles (often accompanying maps in our GM series), as well as anthologies of articles on a single theme. Most volumes are available in electronic format as free downloads (or if you prefer, on CD/DVD ROM for $10). Many are also available in print. Future bulletins may be printed or electronic or both, depending upon topic, audience, cost of production, etc.

Notes: Bulletins 129, 136, 139, 144, 148, 155, 158 were assigned to projects but were never published. Also several volumes compiled bibliographic refereces and were superseded by later volumes (as noted).

Some publications, including those that are out-of-print, are only available for purchase on CD or DVD-ROM CD icon.

Stock# Title Price / Details
B-161 cover Geology and Hydrology of Groundwater-Fed Springs and Wetlands at La Cienega, Santa Fe County, New Mexico, Johnson, P.S.; Koning, D.J.; Timmons, S.S.; Felix, B., 2016, 92 pages, ISBN: 978-1-883905-33-0, [CD/DVD-ROM on demand]. $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
B-160 cover Tectonics, Geochronology, and Volcanism in the Southern Rocky Mountains and Rio Grande Rift, Cather, Steven M.; McIntosh, William C.; Kelley, Shari A., 2004, ISBN: 9781883905217. $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
B-159 cover Adobe, Pressed-Earth, and Rammed Earth Industries in New Mexico, Smith, Edward W.; Austin, G. S., 1996, 72 pages. (supersedes Bulletin 127) $7.50Buy Now
B-157 cover Subsurface Geology and Oil and Gas Potential of Estancia Basin, New Mexico, Broadhead, Ronald F., 1997, 54 pages. $15.00Buy Now
B-156 cover Natural History of El Malpais National Monument, Mabery, Ken, 1997, 185 pages, ISBN: 9781883905019. $24.50Buy Now

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