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Collaborative Groundwater Monitoring Network

Welcome to our Collaborative Groundwater Monitoring Network Data Portal!

The Aquifer Mapping Program at New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources (NMBGMR), with funding from Healy Foundation, is developing a statewide Collaborative Groundwater Monitoring Network for New Mexico. This voluntary Network will gather new and existing data on groundwater levels to help us understand how our state's groundwater resources are changing through time, promote increased awareness of water issues around New Mexico, and provide an important foundation for making informed water-management decisions.

This is a data entry portal. It is intended for individuals who are trained in measuring groundwater levels. All users of this portal should have participated in training provided by NMBGMR (such as at New Mexico Rural Water Associationconferences), have previous experience accurately measuring water levels and locating wells, and/or have carefully reviewed our Training Tutorial.

Also note that data shared here can become public data. After QA/QC processing steps, accepted well locations with water level records may be found on our interactive map portal.

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