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Field Guides from Other Publishers

We offer several field guides from other publishers that can help understand the geology around you while you explore New Mexico. Many of these have limited availability and are not posted on our website. Please visit our publications office in Socorro to browse our field guides from other publishers.

New Mexico Geological Society Publications
Fall Field Conference Guidebooks, Special Publications, and the Geologic Highway Map of New Mexico (produced in cooperation with the bureau).
Chaco Canyon Country — A Field Guide to the Geomorphology, Quaternary Geology, Paleoecology, and Environmental Geology of Northwestern New Mexico
Stephen G. Wells, David W. Love, Thomas W. Gardner, [eds.], 1983
Stock# Title Price / Details
Quebradas_Guide cover A Geologic Guide to the Quebradas Back Country Byway, Peter A. Scholle, 2010, 21 pages, Bureau/BLM.