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Ore Deposits & Critical Minerals Research Laboratory

Lab Manager: Alex Gysi

Particle size equipment
Alex Gysi

The Ore Deposits and Critical Minerals experimental laboratory (ODCM Lab) was established in the NMBGMR in Fall 2020 and is equipped to conduct hydrothermal fluid-rock experiments to study the stability of minerals and speciation of metals relevant to ore-forming processes at high temperatures. The ODCM Lab is currently supported by NSF and DOE grants with a focus on the properties of rare earth elements (REE) in hydrothermal aqueous fluids with MS and PhD students conducting research and in the future including undergraduate student research.

  • An internally consistent thermodynamic database for the rare earth elements (REE) at hydrothermal conditions
  • Partitioning of Rare Earth Elements (REE) Between Minerals and Aqueous Fluids in Ore Deposits
  • The thermodynamic properties of rare earth element (REE) minerals: a solid solution model for xenotime-(Y) and monazite-(Ce)