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About Us

Established by legislation in 1927, the New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources is a research and service division of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (NM Tech). We are a non-regulatory agency that serves as the geological survey for the State of New Mexico. Through our offices, publications, and this website, our staff serves the diverse population of our state. From elementary students to research and industry scientists, there is something at the Bureau of Geology for everyone who has ever wondered about the exceptional geology of New Mexico.

In 2001, we changed our name from the New Mexico Bureau of Mines & Mineral Resources to better reflect the evolving needs of our state and our role as New Mexico's geological survey.

Our Mission

We serve the citizens of New Mexico with these main goals:

  • Conduct research and interact with State and Federal agencies and industry to facilitate prudent exploitation of the state's geological resources.
  • Distribute accurate information to scientists, decision makers, and the New Mexico public regarding the state's geologic infrastructure, mineral and energy resources, and geohydrology (including water quantity and quality).
  • Create accurate, up-to-date maps of the state's geology and resource potential.
  • Provide timely information on potential geologic hazards, including earthquakes, volcanic events, soils-and subsidence-related problems, and flooding.
  • Act as a repository for cores, well cuttings and a wide variety of geological data. Provide convenient physical and internet access for New Mexicans to such resources.
  • Provide public education and outreach through college teaching and advising, a Mineral Museum, and teacher- and student-training programs.
  • Our staff serve on a number of boards and commissions within the state and the region concerned with various geoscience-related issues.