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New Mexico Geochronology Research Laboratory Contact Information

For questions concerning sample submittal, data access or other activities related to the NMGRL, please feel free to contact us in one of the following ways:


New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
Attn: Argon Lab
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801
TEL: (575) 835-5217

Sample Submittal

Please do not send samples without first consulting with a member of the NMGRL staff (see below). Samples will not be analyzed until we have the required metadata.

Please supply the following Sample Metadata:
Sample Name, Project Name, Approximate Age, Locale, Latitude, Longitude, Datum

FCT5, NewFluxMonitor, La Garita Caldera, ~30Ma, 37.614822, -106.698506, WGS-84

If the exact Latitude and Longitude are not know an approximate location will suffice. Any additional metadata is always welcome, such as Elevation, Lithology, Stratigraphic unit, etc.


Heizler photo
Dr. Matthew Heizler — Assoc. Dir. For Labs, Sr. Geochronologist
Iverson photo
Dr. Nels Iverson — Geochemist-Microbeam Analyst
McIntosh photo
Dr. William McIntosh — Emeritus - Sr. Volcanologist, Geochronologist
Pye photo
Dr. Alexandra Pye — Geochronologist
Ricci photo
Dr. Julia Ricci — Geochronologist
Ross photo
Dr. Jake Ross — Data Integration Manager
Spaur photo
Si├ónin Spaur — Argon Lab Associate
Zimmerer photo
Dr. Matthew Zimmerer — Manager, Geologic Mapping Program