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Free Field Guides

We have several field guides for geologic adventures in New Mexico that are free downloads. You may also want to browse our Virtual Geologic Tours and the links to external sites below..

Some publications, including those that are out-of-print, are only available for purchase on CD or DVD-ROM CD icon.

Stock# Title Price / Details
B-134 Field Excursions to the Jemez Mountains, New Mexico, Self, Stephen; Heiken, G.; Sykes, M. L.; Wohletz, K.; Fisher, R. V.; Dethier, D. P., 1996, 72 pages. $13.00Buy Now
B-137 Field Guide to Geologic Excursions in New Mexico and Adjacent Areas of Texas and Colorado, Julian, B.; Zidek, J., 1991, 192 pages. $14.75Buy Now
B-149 Fieldtrip Guide to the Geochronology of El Malpais National Monument and the Zuni-Bandera Volcanic Field, Laughlin, A. William; Charles, R. W.; Reid, K.; White, C., 1993, 23 pages. $7.00Buy Now
DM-2005 Mining in New Mexico - The Environment, Water, Economics, and Sustainable Development -Decision Makers Field Guide 2005, Price, L. Greer; Bland, Douglas; McLemore, Virginia T.; Barker, James M.; [eds.], 2005, 168 pages, ISBN: 9781883905222. $15.00Buy Now
DM-2007 Water Resources of the Middle Rio Grande: San Acacia to Elephant Butte, Price, L. Greer, Johnson, Peggy S., Bland, Douglas; [eds.], 2007, 139 pages, ISBN: 9781883905248. $15.00Buy Now
DM-2009 Water, Natural Resources, and the Urban Landscape: The Albuquerque Region, Price, L. Greer, Bland, Douglas, Johnson, Peggy S., Connell, Sean D., 2009, 152 pages, ISBN: 9781883905279. Map: Drainage facilities Abq. Area $15.00Buy Now
DM-2001 Water, Watersheds, and Land Use in New Mexico: Impacts of Population Growth on Natural Resources - Santa Fe Region, Johnson, Peggy S. (editor), 2001, 160 pages, ISBN: 9781883905087.
[Out-of-print, PDF files on CD-ROM only]
$10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
DM-2002 New Mexico's Energy, Present and Future -- Policy, Production, Economics, and the Environment, Decision-Makers Field Guide 2002, San Juan Basin, Brian S. Brister, L. Greer Price (editors), 2002, 152 pages, ISBN: 9781883905125. $15.00Buy Now
DM-2003 Water Resources of the Lower Pecos Region, New Mexico-Science, Policy, and a Look to the Future - Decision Makes Field Guide 2003, Johnson, Peggy S. ; Land, Lewis A.; Price, L. Greer; Titus, Frank; [eds.], 2003, 145 pages, ISBN: 9781883905170.
FFC-1 San Juan Basin (New Mexico and Colorado), Kelley, V. C.; Beaumont, E. C.; Silver, C.; [eds.], 1950, 152 pages, NMGS, [CD/DVD-ROM on demand]. $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
FFC-2 San Juan Basin (New Mexico and Arizona), Smith, C. T.; Silver, C.; [eds.], 1951, 163 pages, NMGS, (Reprinted 1996). $5.00Buy Now
FFC-3 Rio Grande Country, Johnson, R. B.; Read, C. B.; [eds.], 1952, 126 pages, NMGS, (Reprinted 1996). $10.00Buy Now
Limited availability!
FFC-4 Southwestern New Mexico, Kottlowski, F. E.; [ed.], 1953, 153 pages, NMGS, [CD/DVD-ROM on demand]. $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
FFC-5 Southeastern New Mexico, Stipp, T. F.; [ed.], 1954, 209 pages, NMGS.
[Out-of-print, PDF files on CD-ROM only]
$10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
FFC-6 South-Central New Mexico, Fitzsimmons, J. P.; [ed.], 1955, 193 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-7 Southeastern Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Rosenweig, A.; [ed.], 1956, 151 pages, NMGS, [CD/DVD-ROM on demand]. $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
FFC-8 Southwestern San Juan Mountains (Colorado), Kottlowski, F. E.; Baldwin, B.; [eds.], 1957, 258 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-9 Black Mesa Basin (Northeastern Arizona), Anderson, R. Y.; Harshbarger, J. W.; [eds.], 1958, 205 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-10 West-Central New Mexico, Weir, J. E., Jr.; Baltz, E. H.; [eds.], 1959, NMGS, [CD/DVD-ROM on demand]. $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
FFC-11 Rio Chama Country, Beaumont, E. C.; Read, C. B.; [eds.], 1960, 129 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-12 Albuquerque Country, Northrop, S. A.; [ed.], 1961, 199 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-13 Mogollon Rim Region (East-Central Arizona), Weber, R. H.; Peirce, H. W.; [eds.], 1962, 175 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-14 Socorro Region, Kuellmer, F. J.; [ed.], 1963, 204 pages, NMGS.
[Out-of-print, PDF files on CD-ROM only]
$10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
FFC-15 Ruidoso Country (New Mexico), Ash, S. R.; Davis, L. R.; [eds.], 1964, 195 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-16 Southwestern New Mexico II, Fitzsimmons, J. P.; Balk, C. L.; [eds.], 1965, 244 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-17 Taos-Raton-Spanish Peaks Country (New Mexico and Colorado), Northrop, S. A.; Read, C. B.; [eds.], 1966, 128 pages, NMGS.
[Out-of-print, PDF files on CD-ROM only]
$10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
FFC-18 Defiance, Zuni, Mt. Taylor Region (Arizona and New Mexico), Trauger, F. D.; [ed.], 1967, 228 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-19 San Juan, San Miguel, La Plata Region (New Mexico and Colorado), Shomaker, J. W.; [ed.], 1968, 212 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-20 The Border Region (Chihuahua, Mexico, & USA), Cordoba, D. A.; Wengerd, S. A.; Shomaker, J. W.; [eds.], 1969, 228 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-21 Tyrone, Big Hatchet Mountain, Florida Mountains Region, Woodward, L. A.; [ed.], 1970, 176 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-22 San Luis Basin (Colorado), James, H. L.; [ed.], 1971, 340 pages, NMGS, [CD/DVD-ROM on demand]. $10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
FFC-23 East-Central New Mexico, Kelley, V. C.; Trauger, F. D.; [eds.], 1972, 236 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-24 Monument Valley (Arizona, Utah and New Mexico), James, H. L.; [ed.], 1973, 232 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-25 Ghost Ranch, Siemers, C. T.; Woodward, L. A.; Callender, J. F.; [eds.], 1974, 404 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-26 Las Cruces Country, Seager, W. R.; Clemons, R. E.; Callender, J. F.; [eds.], 1975, 376 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-27 Vermejo Park, Ewing, R. C.; Kues, B. S.; [eds.], 1976, 306 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-28 San Juan Basin III (northwestern New Mexico), Fassett, J. F.; James, H. L.; [eds.], 1977, 319 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-29 Land of Cochise (Southeastern Arizona), Callender, J. F.; Wilt, J.; Clemons, R. E.; James, H. L.; [eds.], 1978, 348 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-30 Santa Fe Country, Ingersoll, R. V. ; Woodward, L. A.; James, H. L.; [eds.], 1979, 310 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-31 Trans Pecos Region (West Texas), Dickerson, P. W.; Hoffer, J. M.; Callender, J. F.; [eds.], 1980, 308 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-32 Western Slope (Western Colorado), Epis, R. C.; Callender, J. F.; [eds.], 1981, 337 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-33 Albuquerque Country II, Wells, S. G.; Grambling, J. A.; Callender, J. F.; [eds.], 1982, 370 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-34 Socorro Region II, Chapin, C. E.; Callender, J. F.; [eds.], 1983, 344 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-35 Rio Grande Rift (Northern New Mexico), Baldridge, W. S.; Dickerson, P. W.; Riecker, R. E.; Zidek, J.; [eds.], 1984, 379 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-36 Santa Rosa, Tucumcari Region, Lucas, S. G.; Zidek, J.; [eds.], 1985, 344 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-37 Truth or Consequences Region, Clemons, R. E.; King, W. E.; Mack, G. H.; Zidek, J.; [eds.], 1986, 317 pages, NMGS. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-38 Northeastern New Mexico, Lucas, S. G.; Hunt, A. P.; [eds.], 1987, 354 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-39 Cretaceous and Laramide Tectonic Evolution of Southwestern New Mexico, Mack, G. H.; Lawton, T. F.; Lucas, S. G.; [eds.], 1988, 216 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-40 Southeastern Colorado Plateau, Anderson, O. J.; Lucas, S. G.; Love, D. W.; Cather, S. M.; [eds.], 1989, 345 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now
FFC-41 Tectonic Development of the Southern Sangre de Cristo Mountains, New Mexico, Bauer, P. W.; Lucas, S. G.; Mawer, C. K.; McIntosh, W. C.; [eds.], 1990, 450 pages, NMGS, [Hardcover]. $5.00Buy Now

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