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New Mexico Geology — Back-issues

Print ISSN: 0196-948X (prior to 2015)
Online ISSN: 2837-6420


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Recent Issues:

Volume: 44, 2023

Volume 44, Number 3

Number: 3

Full-Issue (4.73 MB PDF)
Volume 44, Number 2

Number: 2

Full-Issue (5.10 MB PDF)
  1. San Diego Mountain: A “Rosetta Stone” for Interpreting the Cenozoic Tectonic Evolution of South-Central New Mexico (3.59 MB PDF), pp. 24-62. [View Abstract]
    — William R. Seager, Shari A. Kelley, Jacob O. Thacker, and Richard E. Kelley
  2. Highlighted Publications (777 KB PDF), p. 63.
Volume 44, Number 1

Number: 1

Full-Issue (6.91 MB PDF)
  1. The Goblin Colony: Spectacular Monoliths and Walls of Altered Bandelier Tuff South of the Valles Caldera, New Mexico (4.76 MB PDF), pp. 1-23. [View Abstract]
    — Fraser Goff, Cathy J. Goff, Steve Chipera, David Schiferl, Laurie Waters, Emiko Konishi, Nels Iverson, and Jean Gindreau
  2. Highlighted publications (781 KB PDF), p. 24.
    — New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources

Volume: 43, 2021

Volume 43, Number 1

Number: 1

Full-Issue (874 KB PDF)
  1. Ojo de Amado (3.26 MB PDF), [Cover]
    — Spencer G. Lucas
  2. Late Pennsylvanian Calcareous Paleosols from Central New Mexico: Implications for Paleoclimate (8.74 MB PDF), pp. 3-9. [View Abstract]
    — Spencer G. Lucas and Lawrence H. Tanner