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Terms of Use

Part of our mission is to perform impartial geologic research to aid state agencies and the public in making decisions about geologic resources and hazards in New Mexico. We provide geologic information on our website and in print on a wide range of geoscience topics related to New Mexico and the surrounding region. We hope that you will find these resources useful as you explore the geology of our state. However, we cannot provide site-specific geologic analysis to the general public. If you need detailed, site-specific information, you will need to hire a private geologic consultant. Although consulting firms will frequently use our publications for background research on a given area, there is no substitute for a professional assessment of a site when questions concerning resource potential or specific hazards must be answered. We can provide basic information on the geologic framework of the state of New Mexico to the public, but we acknowledge the role and the value of independent private geologic consultants who can investigate a particular site and provide more detailed information and interpretation.

Content Disclaimer

Although we strive to present current and accurate information, content on this server is provided without guarantee of any kind. Content is also subject to change, deletion, or being moved without notice at any time. This site contains information that is created and maintained by a variety of sources. Not all content has been rigorously reviewed before posting, and any opinions expressed may not necessarily reflect the official position of the New Mexico Bureau of Geology, New Mexico Tech, or the State of New Mexico.

Any mention or link regarding a product, company, or trade name is for information only and does not imply endorsement by the Bureau of Geology, NMT, or the State of New Mexico.  Content on websites frequently changes and if you feel that we have linked to an inappropriate site, have a broken link, or have an error of any kind that we should correct, please contact our webmaster.


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Occasionally we must change our prices and cannot guarantee that an item purchased by mail will be the current price. If prices rise, we will contact you for approval before we ship your order. Prices for purchases made online or by phone will be honored at stated prices. We make an effort to ensure that items for sale are in stock, but we cannot guarantee availability. We keep only a limited number of some items, like topographic maps, in stock and sometimes may need to backorder them.

Security Standards for Purchases

Any financial information related to purchases that we may collect, like credit card numbers, will utilize a secure (encrypted) server and will be stored only long enough to complete your individual transaction. If you are uncomfortable about e-commerce, you can shop online and then arrange payment by phone.

Returns & Exhanges

We do not accept returns or exchanges, however we are happy to replace merchandise that is lost or damaged. Requests for replacement of lost shipments or damaged items should be made within three weeks of the date of purchase.

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We are happy to provide credit toward future purchases on returned retail sale items. Credits must be used within a year from the date of purchase.

We have a “no returns” policy on wholesale orders (except for damaged merchandise), but we do offer credit toward future wholesale purchases on items that are returned undamaged.