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Natural Resources

Extraction of energy and mineral resources has a huge impact on the economy of New Mexico. In addition to jobs, these industries provide a large proportion of state revenue from taxes, royalties, and and land leases.

Water is the resource we all depend on the most. Understanding how geology and water use affect the supply and quality of water is key to our survival in this arid climate.

Enchanting Landscapes
Photo: © Kirt Kempter, Geomosaics (used with permission)

New Mexico is often called the "Land of Enchantment", in large part because of our spectacular scenery. We also have a tremendous variety of landscapes, from very arid deserts to rugged snow-covered mountains carved by glaciers, and everything in between. The diversity and beauty of New Mexico's landscapes is a significant natural resource that attracts tourists, inspires artists, and improves our quality of life.