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Staff Directory — Alphabetical Listing

Allen photo
Dr. Bruce Allen — Sr. Field Geologist
Apache photo
Connie Apache — Administrative Services Coordinator
Armijo photo
Chris Armijo — Computer Systems Administrator
Austin photo
Dr. George Austin — Emeritus - Sr. Industrial Minerals Geologist
Avramidi photo
Valentina Avramidi — Associate Director for Finance
Baca photo
Dustin Baca — Chemistry Lab Tech
Baca photo
Onesimo (Albert) Baca — Lead Maintenance Carpenter
Barker photo
James Barker — Emeritus - Geologist, Perlite Specialist
Bauer photo
Dr. Paul Bauer — Emeritus - Principal Geologist
Brandvold photo
Lynn Brandvold — Emeritus - Sr. Chemist
Broadhead photo
Ron Broadhead — Principal Sr. Petroleum Geologist retired effective March 30, 2020
Cather photo
Dr. Steven Cather — Emeritus Sr. Field Geologist
Chamberlin photo
Dr. Richard Chamberlin — Emeritus-Sr. Field Geologist
Chapin photo
Dr. Charles Chapin — Emeritus - Director & State Geologist
Chavez photo
Stephanie Chavez — Cartographer II
Christenson photo
Scott Christenson — Hydrogeological Field Technician
Connolly photo
Cynthia Connolly — Manager, Education Outreach
Dunbar photo
Dr. Nelia Dunbar — Director & State Geologist
Dunn photo
Amy Dunn — GIS Technician/Cartographer
Eveleth photo
Robert Eveleth — Emeritus - Sr. Mining Engineer
Felix photo
Brigitte Felix — Manager, Publications Program
Fichera photo
Marissa Fichera — Hydrogeologist
Frey photo
Bonnie Frey — Geochemist/Chemistry Lab Manager
Joseph Grigg — Petroleum Geologist
Gundiler photo
Dr. Ibrahim Gundiler — Emeritus - Sr. Extractive Metallurgist
Harrison photo
Belinda Harrison — Production Editor
Hawley photo
Dr. John Hawley — Emeritus-Sr. Environmental Geologist
Heizler photo
Lynn Heizler — Lab Manager/Geochemist
Heizler photo
Dr. Matthew Heizler — Assoc. Dir. For Labs, Sr. Geochronologist
Hoffman photo
Gretchen Hoffman — Emeritus - Principal Sr. Coal Geologist
Iverson photo
Dr. Nels Iverson — Research Scientist II
Kasefang photo
David Kasefang — Network Systems Administrator
Richard Kelley — Sr. Data and GIS Specialist
Kelley photo
Dr. Shari Kelley — Sr. Geophysicist, Field Geologist
Kludt photo
Dr. Trevor Kludt — Hydrogeologic Lab Associate
Koning photo
Daniel Koning — Sr. Field Geologist
Land photo
Dr. Lewis Land — Adjunct Karst Hydrogeologist
Litherland photo
Dr. Mairi Litherland — Manager, NMT Seismological Observatory
Lopez photo
Annabelle Lopez — Petroleum Information Coordinator
Love photo
Dr. Dave Love — Emeritus - Sr. Principal Environmental Geologist
Lueth photo
Dr. Virgil Lueth — Sr. Mineral/Econ Geol/Museum Director
Luster photo
Kelly Luster — Manager of Publications Sales Office
Mamer photo
Ethan Mamer — Hydrogeologist
Mansell photo
Mark Mansell — GIS Analyst I
McGann photo
Jeanine McGann — Database Manager
McIntosh photo
Dr. William McIntosh — Emeritus - Sr. Volcanologist, Geochronologist
McLemore photo
Dr. Virginia McLemore — Principal Sr. Economic Geologist
McNamara photo
Kelsey McNamara — Museum Curator & X-ray Diffraction Lab Manager
Miller photo
Phil Miller — Coordinator/Map Production
Newton photo
Dr. Talon Newton — Hydrogeologist
Dante Padilla Romero — GIS Technician - Geologic Illustrator
Pearthree photo
Kristin Pearthree — Research Scientist
Lisa Peters — Sr. Lab Associate
Pokorny photo
Cathryn Pokorny — Hydrogeological Lab Technician
Price photo
L. Greer Price — Emeritus - Director & State Geologist
Rawling photo
Dr. Geoffrey Rawling — Sr. Field Geologist
Read photo
Adam Read — Geologist, Webmaster, ABQ Office Manager
Reiter photo
Dr. Marshall Reiter — Emeritus - Principal Sr. Geophysicist
Ross photo
Dr. Jake Ross — Research Scientist II
Scholle photo
Dr. Peter Scholle — Emeritus - Director & State Geologist
Sturgis photo
Laila Sturgis — Aquifer Mapping Program Manager
Jeri Sullivan Graham — Specialist/Water Data Engagement
Taylor photo
Elena Taylor — Specialist II / Publications Resource
Timmons photo
Dr. J. Michael Timmons — Assoc Director for Map Prog/Deputy Director
Timmons photo
Stacy Timmons — Associate Director for Hydrogeology Programs
Tobin photo
Loretta Tobin — Business Administrative Specialist
Trivitt-Kracke photo
Amy Trivitt-Kracke — Geological Archives Coordinator
Ulmer-Scholle photo
Dr. Dana Ulmer-Scholle — Adjunct Associate Research Professor of Geology
Welch photo
Susan Welch — Adjunct Education Outreach Advisor (ret)
Wheeler photo
Brian Wheeler — Manager, Fleet and General Services
Wilks photo
Dr. Maureen Wilks — Emeritus - Sr. Geologist/Head of Archives & Collections
Zimmerer photo
Dr. Matthew Zimmerer — Field Geologist II