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Decision Makers Field Guides

From 2001 to 2009, the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources joined with several state and local governmental agencies and organizations to conduct a series of field conferences for influential New Mexico decision makers. The purpose of these conferences was to present decision makers with the opportunity to learn first-hand about geological problems, opportunities, and potential solutions from some of the state's top experts, and to hear impartial (or at least balanced) opinions regarding current scientific knowledge about these matters.

The conferences were accompanied by field guides, which contain a series of short articles written by noted authorities. The books provide a timely look at issues that affect every New Mexican, and remain a valuable educational resource long after the conferences are over. The guidebooks from all the conferences to date are available to the public as inexpensive printed books and as free PDF files.

Some publications, including those that are out-of-print, are only available for purchase on CD or DVD-ROM CD icon.

Stock# Title Price / Details
DM-2001 cover Water, Watersheds, and Land Use in New Mexico: Impacts of Population Growth on Natural Resources - Santa Fe Region, Johnson, Peggy S. (editor), 2001, 160 pages, ISBN: 9781883905087.
[Out-of-print, available on disc]
$10.00Buy Now
CD or DVD-ROM format (CD or DVD)
DM-2002 cover New Mexico's Energy, Present and Future -- Policy, Production, Economics, and the Environment, Decision-Makers Field Guide 2002, San Juan Basin, Brian S. Brister, L. Greer Price (editors), 2002, 152 pages, ISBN: 9781883905125. $15.00Buy Now
DM-2003 cover Water Resources of the Lower Pecos Region, New Mexico-Science, Policy, and a Look to the Future - Decision Makes Field Guide 2003, Johnson, Peggy S. ; Land, Lewis A.; Price, L. Greer; Titus, Frank, [eds.], 2003, 145 pages, ISBN: 9781883905170.
DM-2005 cover Mining in New Mexico - The Environment, Water, Economics, and Sustainable Development -Decision Makers Field Guide 2005, Price, L. Greer; Bland, Douglas; McLemore, Virginia T.; Barker, James M., [eds.], 2005, 168 pages, ISBN: 9781883905222.
DM-2007 cover Water Resources of the Middle Rio Grande: San Acacia to Elephant Butte, Price, L. Greer, Johnson, Peggy S., Bland, Douglas, [ed.], 2007, 139 pages, ISBN: 9781883905248. $15.00Buy Now
DM-2009 cover Water, Natural Resources, and the Urban Landscape: The Albuquerque Region, Price, L. Greer, Bland, Douglas, Johnson, Peggy S., Connell, Sean D., 2009, 152 pages, ISBN: 9781883905279. Map: Drainage facilities of Albuquerque area $15.00Buy Now