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Analytical Chemistry Laboratory:
Analysis of Water Samples

Prices in effect as of: May 20, 2022

Analysis and reporting limit Cost / Sample Bulk Cost / Sample
General water chemistry includes pH, alkalinity, conductivity, TDS and hardness calculation — Br, Cl, F, NO2, NO3, PO4, SO4, Na, K, Mg, Ca (Cl, SO4, K, Mg 1-100 ppm; Na, Ca 1-200 ppm; Br, F, NO30.1 -10 ppm) -NA- -NA-
Additional charges for high TDS samples (conductivity > 3000 uS/cm) -NA- -NA-
Trace metals analysis (EPA 200.8 and 200.7, TDS < 1000 mg/L) — includes Al, As, Be, Cd, Cr, Co, Cu, Pb, Li, Mo, Ni, Ag, Tl, Th, Sn, Ti, U, V, Zn ( 0.001 mg/L), Ba, B, Mn, Sb, Se, Sr, (0.005 mg/L), Fe (0.50 mg/L), Si (0.025 mg/L) -NA- -NA-
Additional charges for high TDS samples (conductivity > 3000 uS/cm) -NA- -NA-
General water chemistry and trace metal analyses combined -NA- -NA-
Additional charges for high TDS samples (conductivity > 3000 uS/cm) -NA- -NA-
Major and minor cations (EPA 200.7) — Calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, manganese, silicon (1.0 mg/L) -NA- -NA-
Additional charges for high TDS samples (conductivity > 3000 uS/cm) -NA- -NA-
One cation or trace metal -NA- -NA-
Seven anions — fluoride, nitrate, nitrite, bromide (0.1 mg/L), sulfate, chloride (1.0 mg/L), phosphate (0.5 mg/L) USEPA 300.0 -NA- -NA-
Additional charges for high TDS samples (conductivity > 3000 uS/cm) -NA- -NA-
One anion USEPA 300.0 -NA- -NA-
pH USEPA 150.1 -NA- -NA-
Conductivity (10 uS/cm) USEPA 120.1 -NA- -NA-
(10 mg/L HCO31- & 5 mg/L CO32-)
USEPA 310.1 -NA- -NA-
Hardness (3.0 mg/L CaCO3) Standard Methods -NA- -NA-
Turbidity USEPA 180.1 -NA- -NA-
TDS (10 mg/L) USEPA 160.1 -NA- -NA-
TSS (10 mg/L) USEPA 160.1 -NA- -NA-
Specific Gravity   -NA- -NA-
Total Kjeldahl N (TKN) (1 mg/L) ASTM#D3590 -NA- -NA-
Ammonia (NH3) ASTM#D3590 -NA- -NA-
Lab filtering for water samples that are not field filtered.   -NA- -NA-
Quality control reports
(must be requested in advance of analysis)
  -NA- -NA-
Soil Moisture   -NA- -NA-
Soil RO extractions + general chemistry + trace metals   -NA- -NA-
Soil Moisture and Bulk Density combined   -NA- -NA-
Percent Gypsum   -NA- -NA-


  • The New Mexico Bureau of Geology Analytical Laboratory is not an accredited laboratory.
  • Other analyses may be available upon request. Internal user rates are available for New Mexico Tech staff and students.
  • Normal turn-around time is two weeks. Expedited services are priced as follows: Next business day, 4 times normal rate; two business days, 3 times normal rate.
  • Quality control reports must be requested in advance of analysis.
  • Bulk discounts are defined as batches of 10 or more samples per batch or weekly batches of 5 or more from the same source.

For more information, contact:

New Mexico Bureau Of Geology & Mineral Resources
Analytical Chemistry Laboratory
New Mexico Tech
801 Leroy Place
Socorro, NM 87801

Ph: 575-835-5160 Fax: 575-835-6333