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Socorro, NM

[See our flyer for this position]

This position is for a hydrogeologist with expertise in GIS and/or groundwater modeling and mapping. The successful hire will be a team member in the Aquifer Mapping Program, focusing on 3D hydrogeologic mapping of geologic and hydrologic features in New Mexico. Models will be built utilizing GIS software, graphic design programs (Adobe Illustrator), and database software (Access). The position will require communicating the results of these models through technical writing and presentations, and providing technical support for other staff scientists. Experience in spatial statistics (kriging, trend fitting, Monte-Carlo methods) and managing regional databases is a plus. This position is supported by soft money contracts; position is contingent on continued contract awards.


  • Building geologic models in ArcGIS with Python, calculating uncertainties in results, building map packages and geodatabases 40%
  • Data processing (“standardizing” for input into model building processes i.e. converting line data to points, creating points from geologic map polygons, creating offset control points, creating well control data from cross-sections, combining datasets, etc.) 30%
  • Regional research and data compilation in preparation for model building 15%
  • Report Writing 10%
  • Presentations and nontechnical work 5%

Bachelor's Degree in Geology, Hydrology, Earth Sciences, GIS, Cartography. Master's Degree in Geology, Hydrology, Earth Sciences, GIS, Cartography. Knowledge generally associated with a Master’s degree in Earth Sciences (such as geology, hydrology or related science field). Knowledge of ArcDesktop and graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator. Knowledge of basic software including word processing, database, and presentation software. Ability to learn new software quickly.

Familiarity with complex geology of New Mexico. Experience using ArcScene, Story Map, 3D viewing software, and Python.

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Application details are available on the New Mexico Tech (NMT) jobs page.

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