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Research — Geophysics

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Bureau scientists in Antarctica uncover climate knowledge frozen in time

Bureau scientists study Antarctic volcano to better understand ice sheet behavior

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Hydrogeology of the Questa Area

The objective of the study was to characterize and interpret the shallow (to a depth of approximately 5,000 ft) three-dimensional geology and preliminary hydrogeology of the Questa area. The focus of this report is to compile existing geologic and geophysical data, integrate new geophysical data, and interpret these data to construct three, detailed geologic cross sections across the Questa area. These cross sections can be used by the Village of Questa to make decisions about municipal water-well development, and can be used in the future to help in the development of a conceptual model of groundwater flow for the Questa area. Attached to this report are a location map, a preliminary geologic map and unit descriptions, tables of water wells and springs used in the study, and three detailed hydrogeologic cross sections shown at two different vertical scales. The locations of the cross sections are shown on the index map of the cross section sheet.

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