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Digital Trends Website Features Economic Geologist’s Comments on Critical Minerals Used in Cell Phones

Dr. Alexander Gysi holds a stirred hydrothermal reactor used for measuring the speciation of REE at high temperature in his lab at the Bureau.
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— April 28, 2022

The article published online by Digital Trends focused on developing methods for extracting rare earth elements, or REEs, from recycled electronics, coal fly ash, and mineral ores, and featured Dr. Alexander Gysi, Economic Geologist with the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Professor in New Mexico Tech’s Earth and Environmental Sciences Department. REEs are metals found in components of smart phones, green technologies, and batteries. Gysi’s lab researches the behavior of REE-bearing fluids at high temperatures and pressures, how REE deposits form, and how they can be extracted.

Read the full article here and learn more about Gysi’s work in the Bureau’s Ore Deposits and Critical Minerals Research Laboratory.