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Tyler Askin

 Tyler Askin
Photo of mapper (me) at the top of Malan Basin Peak in Ogden, UT.
Specialist: GIS Cartographer/Illustrator
New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
801 Leroy Place
Socorro NM 87801-4796
(575) 835-6333 fax

I am a GIS Specialist/Cartographer for the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources. I work with field geologists and use ArcGIS, Adobe Illustrator, and Global Mapper to update legacy quadrangles and produce geologic maps for the USGS STATEMAP program.

Although I was born on the northern Piedmont Plateau, I am a native of the southern Rio Grande rift valley. I strive to be the best geologist I can be with the resources I have available. I have found my niche between academia an industry; there is a wealth of work that can be done for those that can establish communication between the two fields.


B.S. Geological Sciences - New Mexico State University


Contract Exploratory Geologist 2020 – 2022

- Lost Basin Mining District, Meadview AZ

- Sonoma Range, Winnemuca NV

- Crater Islands, Wendover UT

Wellsite Geologist 2017 – 2020

-Permian Basin

Isotope Lab Technician 2015 - 2017

Pizza maker 2010 –2017

Honors & Awards

Undergraduate Research for Geologic Experience (U.R.G.E.) Certificate

- Participants are expected to collaborate with advisors to experience the research process. Researchers create a thesis statement, fund projects through grants, conduct experiments, write an Undergraduate Research report, and present research at the New Mexico Geological Society's Spring Conference.


Sr and Pb isotope variations of igneous feldspars in the Doña Ana mountains (2018)
— F.C. Ramos, T. Askin, S. Levesque, P. Stevens, J. Thines, S. Farnsworth-Pinkerton, S.
Lindell, and N. Richard, pp. 173-179. New Mexico Geological Society Fall Field Conference
Guidebook – 69 Las Cruces Country III

Tyler J. Askin, Frank C. Ramos, and Peter A. Stevens (2017). Major Elements, Trace Elements,
and Sr, Nd, and Pb Isotopes of Whole Rocks From the Doña Ana Mountains: Identifying Potential
Connections Between Caldera-Related Igneous Rocks in South-Central New Mexico