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Joseph Grigg

Petroleum Geologist
New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
801 Leroy Place
Socorro NM 87801-4796
(575) 835-6333 fax


  • Master of Science, Geology (2016)
    • New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
    • Thesis: Macroscopic and Microscopic Controls on Mechanical Properties of Mudstones
  • Bachelor of Science, Geology (2012)
    • Brigham Young University - Idaho


Pioneer Natural Resources, Irving, TX (2016–2019)

  • Wellbore Stability Modeler, Midland Basin 2019
    • Reduce drilling costs by ≈$200,000 per well by decreasing non-productive time
    • Create Wellbore Stability Models (Techlog) for a 5-6 drilling rig program
    • Predict flow, loss, collapse, and breakdown pressure gradients
    • Work closely with Development Geologists and Drilling Engineers on developing casing designs and predictive mud programs
  • Planning Geologist, Midland Basin 2018–2019
    • “You Rock” performance award recipient
    • Lead the planning of cost-effective horizontal wells in Andrews and Martin Counties from surface location to total depth (up to 3 drilling rigs/40+ wells)
    • Incorporate Geological and Geophysical data to mitigate hazardous drilling zones
    • Produce evergreen geologic maps (gross structure, isopach and stratigraphic hazards)
    • Create drilling event Spotfire dashboard for all Planning Geologists and perform well lookbacks to capture successes and opportunities for improvement on past wells
  • Operations Geologist, Midland Basin 2016–2017
    • “Exceeding Producer” performance award
    • Geosteer 50+ wells in multiple counties across the Midland Basin
    • Frequently responsible for the simultaneous operations of several riglines
    • Analyze the drilling performance of 100+ historic wells
    • Train incoming Operations Geologists
  • Geoscience Intern, Shale Technology 2015
    • Create a 1-D model of the mechanical stratigraphy of the Wolfcamp
    • Provide stratigraphic framework for geomechanics of the Wolfcamp stratigraphy

Chevron, Midland, TX 2014

  • Geoscience Intern
    • Characterize the Woodford Shale and Sylvan Shale, Midland Basin
    • Improve petrophysical model of the Woodford Shale