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Robert Pine

 Robert Pine
Hydrogeologist Specialist
New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology

After receiving an MS in Mathematics from the University of Utah and an MS in Hydrology from New Mexico Tech, Rob went to work for the State of New Mexico for 28 years In a variety of jobs. He worked for NMED for 14 years doing groundwater permitting, investigating groundwater contamination and working with drinking water systems to improve their managerial and operational capacity. Rob worked for EMNRD for 6 years on mining reclamation and designed OCD's online permitting system. Then he worked with the Office of the State Engineer for 8 years managing their adjudication database and in the Hydrology Bureau doing water right impact analysis and expert testimony. Rob has always admired the work of the Bureau of Geology. This year he's working on a groundwater monitoring project at the Bureau of Geology with Stacy Timmons, with funding from the Thornburg Foundation.