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Siânin Spaur

 Siânin Spaur
Argon Lab Associate
New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
801 Leroy Place
Socorro NM 87801-4796
(575) 835-6333 fax

I am a new member of the Argon Geochronology Lab group with a background in terrestrial paleoclimatology and geochronology. My research interests lie in reconstructing conditions on Earth's surface in the past using stable isotope geochemistry and other paleoclimate proxies, and using 40Ar/39Ar dating to establish high-resolution geochronology for these records. I am especially interested in understanding past hydroclimate, specifically precipitation, in order to understand how it shaped environments and faunal/floral assemblages in the past. I am also generally interested in stable isotopes of surface waters, both in modern and past waters, as tracers of seasonal cycles, precipitation sources, and connectivity between water reservoirs. I hope to conduct more paleoclimate projects in New Mexico to better inform our understanding of how local climate and environments in the southwestern US respond to global climate changes.


  • M.S. Geosciences - Paleoclimatology, Colorado State University, 2022
    • Thesis Advisor: Jeremy K. Caves Rugenstein
    • Master's thesis: The hydroclimate and environmental response to warming in the southwestern US: A study across the Mid-Miocene Climate Optimum
  • B.S. Earth & Environmental Sciences, Lehigh University, 2020
    • Thesis Advisor: Frank J. Pazzaglia
    • Undergraduate Thesis: Age and environmental change information encoded in Early-Middle Pleistocene paleosols exposed in buried valleys of the Eastern Pennsylvania anthracite fields