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Dr. Jacob Thacker

Dr. Jacob Thacker
Field Geologist
New Mexico Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources
New Mexico Institute of Mining & Technology
801 Leroy Place
Socorro NM 87801-4796
(575) 835-6333 fax

I am a Field Geologist interested in intracontinental tectonism in the western interior USA. The Late Cretaceous–Paleogene Laramide orogeny most fascinates me, and I have ancillary interests in post-12 Ma lower Colorado River transtension and post-Oligocene Rocky Mountain collapse. The methods I use include geologic mapping, structural analysis, thermochronology, basin analysis, and structural and mineralogical fault/fracture characterization. All aspects of geology intrigue me, and I enjoy immersing myself in new rocks, geologic settings, and methods.

Outreach, science communication, and teaching are also very important to me. I have taken part in field-based education for the Yellowstone Forever Institute, written geology articles for a small magazine in Bozeman, MT, and wrote and edited geologic signage and information as a Geoscientist-In-the-Park intern in Yellowstone.

(See Curriculum Vitae)


Ph.D., 2020 – University of New Mexico
"Integrated studies of intracontinental deformation in the interior western USA, Cretaceous to Recent"
[Bouse] [LOCO] [Laramide Comment] [Spirit Mtn SE] [Zuni] [Southern Laramide - in review]

M.Sc., 2014 – Montana State University
"Structural and mineralogic characerization of the South Prairie fault in the Stillwater Complex, Beartooth Mountains, Montana"

B.Sc., 2011 – Cleveland State University


2020–present: Field Geologist, New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
2020–present: Adjunct Professor, Earth and Environmental Science Dept., New Mexico Tech
2016–2020: Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant, University of New Mexico
2017–2018: USGS Intern/NSF Graduate Student Preparedness Fellow
July 2016: Field Instructor, “Roadside Geology of Yellowstone”; Yellowstone Forever Institute
2016: Geoscientist-In-the-Parks intern; Yellowstone N.P.
2014–2015: Project Geologist/Core Logger; Childs Geoscience, Inc./Stillwater Mining Company
2013–2014: Information/Sales Associate, Yellowstone Association (Bozeman and Earthquake Lake)
2011–2014: Graduate Teaching Assistant, Montana State University
2010–2011: Undergraduate Lab Assistant, Cleveland State University
2010–2011: Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Cleveland State University


  • Intracontinental tectonism in contractional, extensional, and strike slip settings
  • Field-based structural geology and tectonics; geologic mapping
  • Integration of thermochronology, basin analysis, and geochronology to structural and tectonic problems
  • History of geology: FV Hayden and the Yellowstone region