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Socorro, NM

The Geochronologist will share responsibilities for the operation of the New Mexico Geochronology Research Laboratory. Duties revolve around all aspects of operating a successful geochronology laboratory coupled with a vibrant research program. Specific laboratory duties are data collection and interpretation and sharing responsibilities for supervision of Argon Lab Associate, laboratory student employees, budgets and grants and contracts. The Geochronologist will promote a strong academic mission and scientific program that serves the citizens of New Mexico and the nation while participating in the boarder geochronology community at national and international decision making events that shape future directions of geochronology funding and policy. The Geochronologist will ensure broad scientific collaboration of the laboratory towards making geochronology data available to multiple consumers and will be an engaged citizen of NM Tech by serving on Bureau and NMT committees and potentially state and national boards or panels.


  • Share with current staff in the operation of the New Mexico Geochronology Research Laboratory 35%
  • Conduct original geochronology research as well as collaborate with multiple geochronology consumers 25%
  • Write research proposals and generate operating funds 20%
  • Integrate and advise graduate students 10%
  • Service to Bureau and NMT 10%

Read and comprehend instructions, write information and complete simple forms. Ph.D. or other doctorate level equivalent; Argon Geochronology. Knowledge of theory and practice of argon geochronology and isotope geochemistry. Experience operating and maintaining all equipment associated with a modern argon laboratory. Demonstrated strong publication record.

Knowledge of database management and Python programing desired.

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Application details are available on the New Mexico Tech (NMT) jobs page.

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