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Research — Economic Geology

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Natural Accumulations of Carbon Dioxide in New Mexico and Adjacent Parts of Colorado and Arizona

Some Uses of CO2

  • Enhanced oil recovery
  • Refrigeration with dry ice
  • Carbonation of beverages
  • Noncombustible gas in fire extinguishers
  • Shredding of old tires
  • Stripping of insulation from scrap wire
  • Removal of corn kernals from cob during food processing
  • Removal of hair from hogs in slaughterhouses
  • Cooling of metal cutting tools
  • Stripping of paints
  • Noncombustible atmosphere that can be introduced into grain silos to prevent grain dust explosions
  • Noncombustible atmosphere for welding combustible materials
  • Nontoxic aerosol propellant
  • Branding of livestock
  • Stimulation of plant growth in greenhouses
  • Excellent solvent when in the supercritical state

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MINES Thermodynamic Database

The MINES Thermodynamic Database is an initiative to generate a revised internally consistent thermodynamic dataset for minerals, aqueous species and gases for simulating geochemical processes at hydrothermal conditions in the upper crust (≤5 kbar and ≤600 °C) with focus on ore forming processes.

Alexander GysiEconomic Geologist

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