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Pecos Valley Water Data Pilot Project

Map of the study area includes the entire state of New Mexico (as part of the NM Water Data Initiative) and the proposed pilot project region is southeast NM, along the lower Pecos River. The PVACD boundary is approximate.
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The NMBGMR is working on a applied science WaterSMART grant, funded by the Bureau of Reclamation, as a part of the New Mexico Water Data Initiative (WDI). The WDI is a federated water data delivery service for New Mexico ( The project supports the Bureau of Reclamation's goal of improving access to and use of water resources data.

Grant funds support the development and implementation of a pilot project for improving management of local groundwater and surface water data in the lower Pecos Valley. Datasets will be obtained from multiple sources including 10 Pecos Valley Artesian Conservation District monitoring wells. The pilot project is expected to become a model for regional data integration and tool development for other regions of New Mexico.

The project will improve accessibility to hydrologic information and will provide improved water management tools for data users. The project aims to improve data collection efficiency, data ingestion to the WDI data service, and data management processes. Better data access will increase data usability for state and regional water managers through application of open data principles- Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable data. This applied science proposal supports water supply reliability, improved management of water deliveries, drought management activities, water rights administration, and conservation and efficiency of water supply goals in the Pecos region. The project time length will be three years beginning in October, 2020.

If you’d like more information, please contact:

Stacy Timmons, Associate Director for Hydrology Programs

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