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New Mexico Mineral Symposium — Abstracts

What’s new in minerals and personal photo favorites

Jeffrey Scovil

PO Box 7773, Phoenix, AZ, 85011,

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Figure 1. Calcite, cobaltoan. Mashamba West mine, Kolwezi, Katanga, DR Congo. 6cm high. Christophe Gobin specimen. Jeff Scovil photo.
Figure 2 Cuprite.5.3cm high. Christophe Gobin specimen. Jeff Scovil photo.
Figure 3. Actinolite. Konwa Dist., Dodoma Reg., Tanzania. 6.3cm high. CorradoVietti specimen. Jeff Scovil photo.

The Rochester Mineralogical Symposium (RMS) celebrated its 50th and last year in 2023. A regular and very popular part of the symposium was “What’s New in Minerals”. In the early years this was done as a panel discussion (Chamberlain and Dossert 1979). As with many things, this evolved over time and in 1994 I was asked to present a talk for “What’s New in Minerals” based on specimens that I professionally photographed during that year. 2023 was my 29th “What’s New in Minerals” presentation at the RMS. Later on, additional attendees such as John Betts, Ray McDougall and Mark Jacobson became regular presenters of regional What’s New in Minerals (McDougall 2020).

In 2023 I will be moving my “What New in Minerals” presentations to the New Mexico Mineral Symposium with the addition of personal photo favorites of specimens that may not be new to the collecting scene.


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pp. 25-26

43rd New Mexico Mineral Symposium
November 10-12, 2023, Macey Center, Socorro, NM
Print ISSN: 2836-7294
Online ISSN: 2836-7308