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Watch a talk by Dr. Alexander Gysi

Alex Gysi
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— March 28, 2022

"A Holistic Approach to Study Fluid-Rock Interaction in Critical REE Mineral Deposits" on the Ore Deposits Hub YouTube channel.

Geoscience research on Rare Earth Elements (REE) has become increasingly important because of their role in the manufacturing of high-tech devices like cell phones, electric cars, and wind turbines. Recent supply chain disruptions have made domestic production from these important mineral deposits a high priortiy for governement and industry. Understanding how, why, and where these deposits form is essential in this effort. Dr Gysi presents some of the experimental work on REEs his research group is involved in and also dicusses their active fieldwork in the Gallinas Mountains, northwest of Magdalena, NM.

Dr. Gysi leads our Ore Deposits and Critical Minerals Research Group.