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Circular 1—An Outline of the Mineral Resources of New Mexico

By E. H. Wells, 1930, 15 pp., 1 table.

The utilization of NM mineral wealth constitutes one of NM's greatest industries. The value of the state's mineral products for the 5 year period from 1925–1929 inclusive was approximately $151,500,000 or an average of $30,300,000 per year. Final figures for most of the individual products were not available in August, 1929, and only estimates could be given. The approximate total value of NM's mineral production in 1929 was $37,722,000. Most of the production figures are from the U.S. Bureau of Mines. The mineral resources of NM are here classified under three heads, namely: (1) metals, (2) non-metallic minerals, and (3) hydrocarbons.

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