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Circular 201—Developments in uranium during 1990

By W. L. Chenoweth, 1991, 13 pp., 7 tables, 1 fig.

Low prices, inventory liquidations, and foreign competition continued to plague the domestic uranium industry. Exploration expenditures in the U.S. continued at a very low level. Production of uranium concentrate decreased markedly. At the end of 1990, two uranium mills were operating in the U.S. In New Mexico, the closure of Chevron Resources' Mount Taylor underground mine, the Homestake Mining Company mill, and Homestake's plant that recovered uranium from mine water left the state with only 3% of the total United States uranium production. For the seventh consecutive year, Canada was the world's largest producer and exporter of uranium. The large, high-grade reserves (+2%U3O8) being developed in Saskatchewan will enable Canada to dominate the world market for many years. Uranium entering the world market place from eastern Europe, including the Soviet Union, and from China will continue to keep prices low. Domestic uranium production is expected to decline in 1991 as additional mine and solution-mining operations are closed.

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