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New Mexico Earth Matters — Back-issues


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Critical Minerals in New Mexico
Virginia T. McLemore and Alexander Gysi

Did you know that a single electric car currently requires about 20 lbs of lithium, 29 lbs of cobalt, 54 lbs of manganese, 88 lbs of nickel, and 146 lbs of graphite? Critical minerals like these are essential ingredients in items that many of us can’t live without—cell phones, computers, batteries, and more. In this issue of Earth Matters, we’ll take a closer look at critical minerals, including challenges in producing them, where they can be found in New Mexico, and current critical minerals research at the New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources.

Also in this issue:

  • Bureau News
    • Dan Koning Earns Top Mapping Award
    • Mineral Museum Acquires John Rakovan
    • Groundwater in the Mimbres Basin
    • …and more!
  • New Bureau Publications