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New Mexico Geology — Back-issues


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Volume: 24, 2002

Volume 24, Number 1
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Number: 1

Volume 24, Number 2
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Number: 2

  1. Morphy Lake State Park (725 KB PDF), pp. 52-55.
    Virginia T. McLemore
Volume 24, Number 3
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Number: 3

  1. Redefinition of the Ancha Formation and Pliocene-Pleistocene deposition in the Santa Fe embayment, north-central New Mexico (1.00 MB PDF), pp. 75-87.
    D. J. Koning, S. D. Connell, F. J. Pazzaglia, and W. C. McIntosh
  2. Navajo Lake State Park (1.82 MB PDF), pp. 91-96, 103.
    Virginia T. McLemore
Volume 24, Number 4
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Number: 4

  1. Stratigraphy of the Tanos and Blackshare Formations (lower Santa Fe Group), Hagan embayment, Rio Grande rift, New Mexico (1.25 MB PDF), pp. 107-120.
    Sean D. Connell, Steven M. Cather, Nelia W. Dunbar, William C. McIntosh, and Lisa Peters
  2. A Late Pennsylvanian outer shelf marine fauna from a highstand systems tract, Derry Hills, south-central New Mexico (328 KB PDF), pp. 121-130.
    Barry S. Kues, Katherine A. Giles, Greg H. Mack, and Timothy F. Lawton

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