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rc_guide (CHAMA) cover The Rio Chama: A River Guide to the Geology and Landscapes, Bauer, Paul W.; Zimmerer, Matthew; Timmons, J. Michael; Felix, Brigitte; Harris, Steve, 2021, 134 pages, ISBN: 978-1-883905-32-3. $18.95Buy Now
DS-629 Selected investigations and statistical summary of surface-water quality in the Rio Grande and the Rio Chama, north-central New Mexico, during years 1985-2007, Falk, Sarah E.; Anderholm, Scott K.; Engdahl, Nicholas B., 2011, 36 pages, USGS. $5.00Buy Now
MF-1759 Geologic map of surficial deposits and basaltic rocks near the Rio Chama, Rio Arriba County, New Mexico, Scott, G. R.; Marvin, R. F., 1985, Scale 1:50,000, USGS. $9.00Buy Now
SIR 2004-5188 Effects of reservoir installation, San Juan-Chama Project Water, and reservoir operations on streamflow and water quality in the Rio Chama and Rio Grande, northern and central New Mexico, Langman, Jeff B.; Anderholm, Scott K., 2004, 47 pages, USGS. $2.50Buy Now